MB5X158 Pendulous Suspension

MB5X158 Pendulous Suspension

Metallurgy, construction, mining, chemical industry, etc.


  1.Grinding roller adopts sliding bearing. Compared with rolling bearing, sliding bearing can avoid impact and dust.

  2.Concave blade track. This design is conducive to shoveling materials and converging them all together.

  3.Integral and wearable blade plate. The abrasion performance is improved and the shovel can be replaced easily.

  4.Installing temperature sensor on the upper bearing of main shaft can be easy to help discover fault.

  5.Stick wearable scaleboard inside of the volute. It can avoid abrading volute directly and reduce investment costs effectively.

  6.Mesh-type roller hanger can increase ventilation area of grinding chamber.

  7.Reducer is equipped with lubricant heating device and temperature detecting and controlling device. When the temperature is quite low, it is necessary to start heating device before grinding mill works, and the device will stop working if sensor detects the temperature of lubricant meet the requirement of operation.

  8.The flange face of upper and lower bolt holes of volute is thickened by lathing processing, which can fit sealing ring closely and avoid leakage of powder.


  1.Classifier adopts hanging-type low resistance rotor whose shape like cone cage. It takes advantages of small classifying range, high classifying efficiency, low resistance and low energy consumption. Compared with sun wheel-type classifier, this classifier’ capacity is larger and its energy consumption is smaller when processing same materials and same requirements.

  2.Drive system is equipped with centralized lubricating device. It can provide oil for classifier termly and quantitatively which reduce working in high place.

  Auxiliary equipment:

  1.High Efficient powder collector. Efficient powder collector with large diameter makes powder collection efficiency higher and amount of return powder smaller. The air inlet of powder collector is stuck on wearable liner. The bottom is equipped with pneumatic discharging valve, and it can prevent air from returning effectively.

  2.Optimize pipes. Adopting square pipe between classifier and powder collector is easy for customers to make or patch it by themselves, and it can avoid the loss of resistance lost from collector inlet. Besides, air-out pipelines of powder collector are symmetric, which can ensure working condition of powder collector is same with the other. And two powder collectors can make efficiency higher.

  3.It has impulse bag filter which is beneficial for environmental protection.

  4.High efficiency blower.